Our Catering Menu

***1/2 pan is approx. 12-15 servings, full pan is approx.25-30 servings***

House Salad of Romaine lettuce,
Catering Salad of Romaine lettuce,fresh vine ripe tomatoes cucumbers and red onion. Choice of 2 dressings:
12-15 servings $35.00
Antipasto additional $20.00
Greek Salad additional $10.00

25-30 servings $55.00
Antipasto additional $30.00
Greek Salad additional $20.00

Pasta (includes garlic bread) choice of Penne or spaghetti. pick one: Marinara or Alfredo

Sausage, peppers and onions (includes garlic bread)

Chicken Evoo (same description on menu) (includes garlic bread)

Chicken broccoli (includes garlic bread)
grilled chicken, steamed broccoli tossed in marinara sauce or olive oil and garlic.

Chicken Parm breaded chicken breast, marinara sauce topped with mozzarella with choice of penne or spaghetti. (includes garlic bread)

Baked Ziti (includes garlic bread)

Eggplant Bake layers of our thin sliced skinless breaded eggplant with ricotta/mozz cheese. (includes garlic bread)

Cheese Lasagna (same description on menu)(includes garlic bread)